Vivacuum Wine Sealer

$19.99 $25.99

How to use the Vivacuum?
Step 1: Insert the stopper vertically into the wine bottle.
Step 2: 

Step 3: When you need to drink again, simply pull the stopper left and right to hear the sound of airflow then lift the sealer.


Are you the type of person that never finishes a bottle of wine?
Keep your wine's flavor for longer with a Vivacuum Sealer.
You and your friends may have different wine taste and it's always hard to decide if it should be Rose or White for tonight, right? And all of this just because you don't want to waste any precious bottle of wine and one bottle for each of you is simply too much. (Wine doesn't always taste that good the next day, we know)
Now you can have your Rose while your friends have their Red or White glasses of wine. Just use the Vivacuum Sealer and keep your bottle intact until the next time. No wasted wine and no hard decisions anymore!
Also, while quarantined, we know it's hard to finish a bottle of wine by yourself. That's why Vivacuum Sealer is about to become your new friend during this period of time. And because it's hard to remember what day is today, it comes with a smart date scale which allows you to remember the exact date you sealed it.
This small and powerful tool will help you enjoy your favorite wine whenever you decide to drink that bottle.
Made out of selected food-grade silicone, the Vivacuum Sealer is safe and hygienic.

Care guide:
1. Please do not store the wine bottles horizontally
2. Please do not wash directly with water. Use a cloth to scrub the surface of the silicone.


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