Stainless Steel Balls

The package contains 2 stainless steel balls.
The Superior Stainless Steel Balls are perfect for cooling down your drinks. The large size can cool down your favorite beverage in a shorter time than a normal ice cube would do. These spheres are made out of high-quality steel material. They are safe, non-toxic and have no odors.
The stainless steel balls are reusable. They contain a refrigerated liquid, which is a mixture of purified water and edible alcohol. A ball needs 20 minutes in the freezer before using it. We recommend cleaning them after each use.
With the Superior Stainless Steel Balls, there is no melting, no thinning and always the original flavor of your drink. Suitable for cooling whiskey, vodka, red wine, juices, etc. Say goodbye to the classic ice cubes for your whiskey and enjoy your cocktails even more!

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: diameter 5.5cm/2.17"


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