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Oops Martini Copper Glasses

Price Per Unit


Complete your drinkware collection with the Oops Martini Copper Glasses that come in a pair of two.

The Ooops Martini Copper Glasses from Udarely will keep the liquid or fruits colder or warmer for a longer time than conventional glasses, the original taste and all the nutrients.
They are also easy to clean thanks to their shape.
Should it be the Copper Color or the Silver Color? Or maybe both of them so you'll have one for any mood you'd have on a Friday night... or a Monday Afternoon?
You choose and Udarely is happy to deliver.

Be creative and let us know how your cocktail, fruit salad or ice cream looks like within a review.

  • Feature: Stocked, Eco-Friendly
  • Bar Tools Type: Martini Makers
  • Metal Type: Stainless Steel

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