Lanky Cocktail Glasses

Price Per Unit

Lanky Cocktail Glasses
 come in pair of so you can enjoy your favorite Cocktail with your beloved one.

Every girl's dream is to be tall, skinny and beautiful... in one word: Lanky.

If you are a woman and you never managed to be lanky enough, just have a sip from a Lanky Glass and cry about it with your best friend. She can have a cocktail in a Lanky Glass, too. You'll have two of them anyway because we tought your friend never managed to be lanky enough too (you're friends after all). Cheers!

If you are a man you can now have what a woman always wanted. You'll finally own the secret weapon. We are talking about the Lanky Cocktail Glasses. You may wonder why: because a woman will forever want to have a body which is more skinny, taller, more beautiful... in a word: more Lanky. Give them the Lanky they were craving for. They will thank you. If not now, after a few Lanky Glasses. And you'll thank us. Enjoy!

Say Good Bye to ordinary drinkware and prepare yourself to impress your friends with the best Glasses you've ever had. 



  • Material: Glass
  • Feature: Eco-Friendly
  • Capacity:  130 ml
  • Quantity: 2 pieces