King Wine Set

Price Per Unit


Introducing a new generation of mouth-blown, eye-catch and lead-free wine glasses. Complete your drinkware collection with the King Wine Set for a whole new drinking experience.

Manually crafted to reach the royal standards of luxury, this wine set is made to last. Unique design, attention to details, high quality standards are just some of the key ingredients used to create this unique artwork that we call King Wine Set.

Any wine lover knows the importance of the wine glass, and if you have any doubt about it just taste the same wine - once in a water glass and once is a wine glass. Now that you know, we will let you know that the Crystal Wine Glasses are the best for any type of wine. Why?

Crystal can be made thinner than glass, and when speaking about wine glasses, it can virtually eliminate the edge of the lip of the glass that gets in the way of the flow of the drink against your tongue. Your mouth will be thankful for this King Type Crystal Glass Experience.

You don't have to worry about washing it because it's lead-free crystal which makes the King Wine Set dishwasher safe and much more durable.

King wine lovers deserve a King Set for themselves and their queens. You just found yours.



  • Glass Capacity: 12 oz/350 ml
  • Decanter volume: 52 oz/1500 ml
  • Decanter Capacity: 500 ml
  • Glass Size: 8cm / 8cm / 22cm
  • Glass Weight:310 g
  • Decanter Size: 21 cm/21 cm/27 cm
  • Decanter Weight: 1000 g
  • Feature: Eco-Friendly
  • Style: Handmade
  • Temperature Tolerance: - 20 To 120 Degrees
  • Material: Lead-Free Crystal Glass
  • Handle Part Material: Zinc Alloy + Electroplating