Jay Cocktail Glasses

Price Per Unit

The Jay Cocktail Glasses come in pair of two so you can celebrate your everyday with your beloved one. 

Complete your drinkware collection with these Jay Cocktail and use them for Martini, Champagne or even fruits salad.

You may wonder why these glasses' name is Jay. Well, because Jay is a specific name for a James who wants to become famous. (Just go and read The Great Gatsby and you will understand why James Gatz wanted to become Jay Gatsby)

We considered these glasses just like James: something.... ordinary but with a great potential. So we gave them the right name for a little bit of extra luck. The Jay Cocktail Glasses are now able to be the most famous glasses of UDARELY Cocktail Collection. What do you think?

Quantity: 2
Capacity:145 ml
Material: Glass