Celebrate the everyday - this is our strongest belief and thanks to it UDARELY was finally born in 2018.

It was such a rainy afternoon that seemed to be part of just a regular day. The idea of a glassware brand came into our minds a few years earlier but we didn’t pay too much attention to it until that afternoon. To be honest, our family became a family thanks to our love for celebration. This is what brought us closer.

We used to design our glasses because we always loved the idea of uniqueness. First, we collaborated with local craftsmen because we wanted only a few pieces but soon our friends fell in love with the shapes and colors of our drinkware collection.

During late 2016 it became a habit for us to design the shape for our friends’ glassware and they also started to recommend us. One single thing was so frustrating: the craftsmen were too demanded especially in summer when we designed and created drinkware for weddings and big parties.

This is how we started to collaborate with big factories and to have our special items starting from 2017. With every single day passing, we felt like needing a brand to represent us so people can find us easily. And here it came that rainy afternoon we told you about.

UDARELY - not just a name, we felt that this word can represent our passion, and also our unique and luxury items - our dream.

Soon people started to call us not only from our city but even from different continents like Europe, Asia or Australia. Today our items are delivered worldwide. Every item, every single piece is created not only to give your party a sense of refinement and opulence but to encourage you to celebrate your everyday. Having some Udarely Glasses nearby gives you at least one reason to Cheers!

Thanks to our website we already created a community of over 30.000 people from all over the world. We are grateful for every customer we have and this is why we carefully take care of all the orders. We also chose the best people for our customer support team so there is nothing to worry about - no problem unsolved with UDARELY.


Our mission is to bring a unique drinking experience to every household. Your morning coffee can easily become a joyful experience in the right glass (or cup). Your evening wine can become even fancier using the proper glassware.

It's not about what you drink or when you drink it, it's about helping you elevate that experience to new levels.

With UDARELY, luxury is not just a word - it is a way of enjoying your drink with your beloved ones.


We deliver the juxtaposition of contemporary and vintage, masculine and feminine, raw and refined. We believe every home deserves high quality and premium products and this is what our customers get.

There is no place for rigidity in design and you can see this being reflected on every single item from UDARELY.

At UDARELY you will find unique glasses for Champagne, Sparkling Wine, Wine, Martini, Cocktails, Spirits, Beer and whatever you feel like pouring and cheersing with your beloved ones. And no, we didn't forget about your daily coffee and tea. We offer a wide range of unique Coffee and Tea glasses to choose from.

Because we believe each moment shared with your loved ones becomes even more special, UDARELY glasses always come in pairs of two.

Do you want our glassware in your hotel/bar/restaurant or for your event? 

We have already worked with hotels and restaurants so we do have special packs available. 

We do believe that every place should have a strong personality - and your business’ personality can be easily shaped by good glassware. 

Go ahead and choose between unique, elegant and luxury glasses.


Still wondering why UDARELY?

  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee because there is no place for doubt when speaking about Premium items.
  • Free Worldwide Shipping because our dream is to have a Worldwide Community.
  • Premium Products at Great Prices because your home deserves the best.
  • 24/7 Support because we are grateful for every single customer.
  • Packaging Insurance so you will never worry if your new glassware will arrive safely.

Wanna get in touch?

E-mail us at info@udarely.com and let's talk!