Udarely started because we always loved the feeling you get when using a special glass, even for our daily coffee. The energy you get by having your favorite beverage into some unique glassware is totally different. We first noticed this when we were moving and couldn’t find our favorite mugs. Coffee just wasn’t the same… But that event was just a blessing in disguise…

Because since then our mission has been spreading happiness and good feelings through making luxurious glasses for every (and daily) occasion.

For a long time, it was difficult to find top-quality, reliable and consistent products both online and offline. The glasses available were usually either basic or low quality. Finding that unique glassware was a big challenge.

When finally finding some beautiful glasses, they often broke during shipping. Unfortunately, when you shop online, most of the time you never know what to expect. This is another thing we really wanted to change in this industry. That’s why we are taking both pictures and videos of our products, in as many circumstances as possible. So there won’t be any surprises for you.

Before Udarely, the companies who sold the glassware rarely took accountability for the faulty shipping, and if the glasses would break you could not count on them being replaced. Most of the time, customer support was there only to make you believe it was your fault. As a customer, it was very frustrating, and that’s why we personally trained everyone in our team - so you won’t go through something similar as we did.

What UDARELY does differently

You probably already noticed that Udarely has one of the most unique glasses on the market. Indeed, our glassware will make a lasting impression, and everyone associated with Udarley takes immense pride in our products. That’s because we are collaborating with innovative designers that are constantly up to date with today’s trends. We have always been open to our customers’ feedback which also helped us improve each product. 

After the final product is done, and the Quality Control department approves it, the owner and CEO of the company personally inspect the product himself before taking them to market.

What’s so great about Udarely products is that they were made for everyday use. Even though their design is so unique, they won’t break while washing them (or if you accidentally drop them in the sink - we know that this can also happen). We always look out for our customers.

After receiving your products, you’ll be kindly asked to review them. This is helping us create better products and better packages. We are here thanks to each customers’ feedback. Also, if a glass breaks within a month we will send a replacement, as long as a picture of the broken glass is provided. Just let us know what happened so we know what we need to improve.

We have taken great measures to package our glasses safely, but even though we take precautions to prevent anything from happening, we replace all products that become damaged whilst shipping.
We are proud of our products, we trust them and we are ready to put our money where our mouth is.


We always wanted to build a real relationship with our customers, therefore we put a lot of effort into our customer service. They are well trained to handle any questions or issues that arise. So feel free to contact us regarding anything (that has to do with Udarely).

No wonder why during our meetings, the Customer support department only brings good news. There’s no unsolved situation, no unhappy customer, no feedback unheeded.

What fills our hearts with love and satisfaction is seeing people enjoying their lives while drinking their favorite beverage using our products.

That’s because we want people to Celebrate the everyday. You don’t need a reason to use fancy glasses. These unique designs need to be incorporated into everyone's daily life, both for each morning coffee, as well as for a regular Wednesday prosecco or even for Weddings.

These designs will only be found on, and we want to be the go-to brand for special glassware. Through good customer support and long-term warranties, we build trusting relationships with all of our customers. We’re waiting for you to become part of our family. We’re waiting for you to start celebrating your everyday.