As we continue to expand, your involvement and contribution are not only appreciated, they are crucial. Udarely Influencers Program is designed to form a community for active-minded people who want to support our company in a creative way.


First and foremost to be a proud ambassador of UDARELY! If you like the brand, glassware and everything else that we are doing, then it should be easy for you to be a great ambassador. You will visually represent our brand and its values, philosophy and lifestyle promoted.

1. Inspire us on Social Media

  • Take at least 5 creative product shots (or videos) on a period of 3 months.
  • Tag us in your posts on the social media platforms you're using.
  • Allow UDARELY to use your content on our website or for marketing purpose.

2. Help us become better

We will keep asking, we will keep measuring. You are part of the team, a real partner so your feedback, good or bad, will always be very welcome.


  • Receive free products in exchange for your services.
  • Ability to submit design ideas to our creative team.
  • Social growth - we will repost your content on our social media.