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Aquamarine Luxury Flutes | Prosecco Glass | UDARELY

Aquamarine Luxury Flutes

$43.99 USD $64.99 USD



☑️ the ORIGINAL Aquamarine Flutes by UDARELY
☑️ the most unique and aesthetic flutes you will ever see and the only ones you will want to use from now on
☑️ double-walled insulation - keeps your drink cold
☑️ rated as the perfect gift for anyone by 96% of our customers
☑️ suitable for any occasion (wedding, housewarming, baby shower, anniversary, birthday party, retirement party, any regular Wednesday)
☑️ both Instagrammable and practical
☑️ aesthetic glassware guaranteed to spark a conversation


The Aquamarine glass is made out of High-Quality Borosilicate Glass which is stronger and more durable than common glass that gives a smooth finish and a crystal clear look. These flutes are made to last. They are also heat resistant, so so you can celebrate with some fire cocktails.
☑️ they are environmentally friendly
☑️ perfect for your champagne, prosecco, cocktails
☑️ they come with a cleaning tool and they won't retain smells


  • Handmade - which means each inner form is unique
  • Stable & Easy to hold
  • Wash by hand only

All our products are carefully inspected before they leave our warehouse so we make sure that you get what you pay for. Your purchase is covered by our 14-day money-back guarantee.
This Aquamarine glass is made with a lot of love. It has undergone two complicated high-temperature and hot-melt processes.


  • Height: 19cm / 7.5in
  • Width: 5cm / 2in
  • Weight: 150g / 0.33p
  • Capacity: 115ml / 3.9 fl oz


Each package comes with a special cleaning tool. All our packages are covered by our shipping insurance (so we will make sure they will arrive safely at your door).
PLEASE NOTE Most of our customers who bought these flutes as a gift for someone else ended up keeping them. Avoid any disputes between you and your loved ones by ordering at least two glassware sets!