As UDARELY continues to expand, the involvement and contribution of beautiful and open-minded people all around the world is crucial. Our UDARELY Affiliate Program was designed for the people just like you who want to be a part of a strong community and achieve great things through social media.
1. How can you become a UDARELY Affiliate?
Whether you are just starting out on social media or you're already an influencer, we would love you to represent our brand because we strongly believe in your ability to share your vision. Becoming a brand ambassador for UDARELY means becoming a part of the growing community of individuals who are committed to inspiring others. 

2. Goals of the program
Our main goal is to empower you to do what you strive for and what you do best more effectively. In exchange, you will help us build brand awareness and loyalty, create amazing content for social media, campaigns and so on.

3. Feedback
It’s all about your experience.
You are part of the team, a real partner and your feedback, good or bad, will always be very welcomed.
    If you're doing a fantastic job and you're reaching new great people and creating awareness of the brand, you will be rewarded with the following benefits:
    • As an Ambassador you will qualify for 50% discount on your orders (if your accounts exceed our standards you can qualify for free items).
    • Be a part of our Win-Win Partnership - for every order made through your referral, you will receive a 15% commission.
    • Ability to submit design & product ideas to our team.
    • Every content you share will be reposted on our social media pages so you will grow even more awareness.
      In order to be qualified for our program, you must meet one of the requirements:
      • Blogger: a minimum of 500 unique monthly visitors.
      • Instagram: a minimum of 1000 followers that are involved with your posts.
      • Facebook: a minimum of 1000 highly involved fans.
      • YouTube: a minimum of 500 subscribers.
      • Pinterest: a minimum of 1000 followers.
      • Twitter: a minimum of 500 followers.
        Please note: Not every applicant will be selected for the affiliate program.
        If you like UDARELY brand and designs, then it should be easy for you to be a great ambassador. We want you to visually represent our brand, its values and lifestyle.
        We expect the following from you:
        Inspire us on Social Media:
        • Post 3 creative product shots. (or videos)
        • Provide us with 5 lifestyle pictures of our products. (or videos)
        • Tag us in your posts on social media.
        • Use our dedicated hashtags.
          *If you own a page that does not create original content you can still share our posts and link to back to us with your dedicated link.
            Community Engagement
            We are open to new ideas. We know you are creative and open-minded. Help us be like you and think outside of the box. Submit your ideas to our team. All ideas are welcome and don’t forget that you are part of the team.
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