As we continue to expand, your involvement and contribution are not only appreciated, they are crucial. Udarely Affiliate Program is designed to form a community for active-minded people who want to support our company in a creative way.


First and foremost to be a proud ambassador of UDARELY! If you like the brand, glassware and everything else that we are doing, then it should be easy for you to be a great ambassador. You will visually represent our brand and its values, philosophy and lifestyle promoted.

1. Inspire us on Social Media

  • Take 5 creative product shots (or videos) on a period of 3 months.
  • Tag us in your posts on the social media platforms you're using.
  • Allow UDARELY to use your content on our website or for marketing purpose.
  • List us on your website as a partner (if applicable).

2. Help us become better

We will keep asking, we will keep measuring. You are part of the team, a real partner so your feedback, good or bad, will always be very welcome.


  • As a partner you will receive 30% discount on all your orders.
  • Ability to submit design ideas to our creative team.
  • Social growth - we will repost your content on our social media.
  • Personal account where you can measure your performance.


Please note: Not every applicant will be selected for the affiliate program.