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Sunset Wine Set

Complete your drinkware collection with one of the most loved wine glasses.

Your glass collection deserves these Sunset Wine Glasses. They are simply the definition of elegance. 

Enjoy the Sunset Wine Glasses with your friends and family for a better taste.

Have the complete set and prepare yourself to be blown away when using the decanter.

About Decanting:

Decanting separates the wine from the sediment, which not only would not look nice in your glass, but would also make the wine taste more astringent. Slowly and carefully decanting the wine ensures that the sediment stays in the bottle and you get a nice clear wine in the decanter, and subsequently in your glass.

A second and more everyday reason to decant is to aerate the wine. Many young wines can be tight or closed on the nose or palate. As the wine is slowly poured from the bottle to the decanter it takes in oxygen, which helps open up the aromas and flavors. Highly tannic and full-bodied wines benefit most from this – wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet blends, Syrah, and Syrah blends.

  • Glass Type: Wine Glass
  • Capacity: 430ml for glasses, 1000ml for the decanter
  • Color: Sunset Orange
  • Material: Crystal Glass