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Pink Calla Glasses

The Pink Calla Glasses come in pair of two so you can celebrate your everyday with your beloved one. 

Calla is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world and its name can also confirm (Calla means Beautiful). This flower is associated with Hera, the Greek goddess.

When we first designed these glasses we could have only thought of a God or Goddess using them. It may be the shape, the color or even those gold parts that made the Calla Glasses so divine. 

If the Calla Glasses just caught your eye, there is a chance that you have ichor running in your veins instead of blood. Don't know what ichor is? It's the Greek Gods' sacred blood. 👸🏻  🤴🏻

Complete your drinkware collection with the Calla Glasses for some extra elegance. When it comes to wine, Champagne or Whiskey, the Calla Glasses are your best friend. They will make any drinking experience feel like a luxurious one. 

So, dear Deity, are you the god of wine, champagne or whiskey?


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Quantity: 2
Material: Crystal Glass
Capacity:: 125ml, 250ml, 400ml