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Spinning Whiskey Glasses

Glasses Price Price Per Unit
2 $49.99 $25.00
4 $94.98 $23.75
6 $134.97 $22.50
8 $169.97 $21.25


The coolest drinkware collection is still not cool enough without the Spinning Whiskey Glasses.

Drinking Whiskey will never be boring again with the Spinning Whiskey Glasses.

Let the fun begin in the most elegant way. Enjoy them with your lover, friends and family. Surprise your beloved ones and discover together what drinking your favorite liquid really means.

The wobbly type whiskey glasses are only made for drinking in the fanciest way.

  • Feature: Eco-Friendly
  • Material: Crystal Glass
  • Capacity: 250ml
  • Suitable for: Whiskey, Brandy, Wine, Cognac