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Aquamarine Luxury Champagne Glasses

Glasses Price Price Per Unit
2 $45.99 $23.00
4 $79.99 $20.00
6 $107.99 $18.00
8 $135.99 $17.00
10 $159.99 $16.00
12 $185.99 $15.50
While a set of classic Champagne flutes is a must-have for any wine lover, a set of Aquamarine Luxury Champagne Glasses is the must-wanted.

Our Champagne Glasses are perfect for whatever luxury bubbly you feel like sipping, whether that be Champagne, Prosecco or Cava. Were you looking for a bound to enhance any special occasion? Aquamarine Champagne Glasses are your answer.

Made with love and a lot of attention, you're going to love using these glasses. Why?

If the luxury design is not enough for you, you should know thatthe drink doesn't warm up as fast as in the usual Champagne Glass because you don't touch it. This is a really important detail becausethe ideal temperature to serve Champagne is 47-50°F (8-10°C).


The perfect toast starts with the perfect champagne flute. And you just found it. Let’s have a toast for this!


Please Note: The glasses are handmade and the inner form might be slightly different than presented in the pictures!

Please Note: The edge of the glass is thicker because of the double-layered design. Please do not expect it to be as thin as a regular glass!


  • Size: 50 x 50 x 190 mm
  • Weight: 2 x 150g
  • Capacity: 115ml
  • Material: Glass

What's In The Box?

2 x Aquamarine Luxury Champagne Glasses