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Cone Cocktail Glasses

Glasses Price Price Per Unit
2 $39.99 $20.00
4 $75.98 $19.00
6 $107.97 $18.00


The Cone Cocktail Glasses come in pair of two so you can celebrate your every day with your beloved one. 

Complete your drinkware collection with these Cone Cocktail and use them for Martini, Champagne or even fruit salad.

These Cocktail Glasses will make your drink look even more sippable. Don't blame us if you will become a Mixologist after having these glasses. Why? Because you will feel like taking a photo of whatever you will drink on one of these cocktail glasses. P.S.: leave us a photo review or tag us (@udarely) on Instagram for a chance to be featured.


Material: Crystal
Capacity:180 ml/ 200 ml/ 380 ml