Chateau D'Cerise Cocktail Recipe

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Chateau D'Cerise Cocktail Recipe


Chateau D'cerise cocktail is that woman who arrives at the party and everyone can't stop looking at her, talking about her, wanting to be with her or, even better, wanting to be her.

But what makes her so stunning, so wanted?

It may be the combination between vintage and a brand new idea. After all, Chateau D'cerise cocktail is inspired by Chateau D'lssogne (which is a cocktail published in the World Bartender Guide in 1977) but updated by our friend from Just Shake or Stir in order to fit better our nowadays. The initial cocktail has 1 tbs of aquavit, but the Chateau D'cerise replaced this with fresh lime and some sour cherry juice.
It may be the cherry flavor that is desired by many.
It may be the Aquamarine Glasses that is like a custom made dress you find once in a lifetime.

But enough with the apparences. Let's see what this pretty lady is made of:

  • 40ml Bulleit Bourbon 
  • 40ml Martini Ambrato 
  • 10ml Campari 
  • 60ml Sour Cherry Juice
  • 5ml Lime Juice
Shake with ice and strain into an Aquamarine flute. Garnish with some fresh cherry and mint sprigs.
Enjoy it with your beloved ones for a better taste. Cheers!

You may wonder why cherry? 
The lime and sour cherry worked correctly bonding the bourbon and the sweet vermouth. The combination makes the cocktail more pleasing and easier to drink by having a refreshing bitter and tart taste. The cherry works always well with bourbon.

You may wonder why Aquamarine Luxury Glasses?
Just like our friend, Georgi, from Shake or Stir said "It looks perfect in this unique glass."
Like we just said  "the Aquamarine Glasses that is like a custom made dress you find once in a lifetime" and there's no joke about it - Aquamarine is really a gem. 

Cheers!Chateau D'cerise cocktail recipe Aquamarine Luxury Glasses UDARELY

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