Benefits of using a Humidifier or Diffuser

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Benefits of using a Humidifier or Diffuser

Why should I use a humidifier or diffuser?

As long as winter is here, ahumidiferis a must-have for your home.

It looks like these days Humidifiers are more like a trend and almost all theinstagraminfluencers are promoting at least oneHumidifier Brand. The good thing is thatthe Humidifier trend is a really healthy one.

Benefits of using a Humidifier

This trend made the Humidifiers be the subject to many researches and today we can find more than 1148 publications including 118 humans clinical trials. Enough talking, let’s see some real facts about the benefits of using a Humidifier. Why is so important to have the indoor humidity between 30 and 50 percent (45% being the most comfortable) and how does a Humidifier actually help?

  • First of all, maybe the most important benefit you will receive from a humidifier is making your home’s environment less conducive to cold and flu germs. Also if you know about Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, we can assure you that humidifiers can help alleviate its symptoms.
  • Talking about flu germs, the dryness, irritation or itchiness in the nose, nasal passages, sinuses, mouth, throat and eyes are not really the best friends of a Humidifier. Be sure that you can count on a Humidifier to help you prevent nose bleeding.A Humidifier will keep your nose and your throat moist to heal faster, and will reduce coughing and sneezing. Sleep with a humidifier and wake up with a more comfortable nose and throat!
  • Winter is known for making your skin really dry. Cold and dry air destroys the skin moisture which causes problems like dryness, dullness, flaking, and accelerated aging. A humidifier is the perfect solution to prevent any of these.
  • No growling morning voice. Yes, it might be funny to hear a voice that doesn’t really sounds like a human but this is not really good for your vocal cords. Be sure you don’t sound like a bear when you wake up and sleep overnight with a humidifier in your bedroom! You can findsome humidifiers that are pretty cool at night.
  • Speaking about Sleep, a Humidifier in your Bedroom will improve your sleep. How? If you or a partner snores, a humidifier may help. People tend to snore more if their sinuses and throats are dry.
  • Easing Asthma. People with asthma find humidifiers helping their breathing, especially when the condition is compounded by a respiratory infection. Keep in mind that Humidifiers must be kept clean to keep the air free of asthma irritants. Humidity levels kept too high will also make things worse. Before purchasing aHumidifier, people that suffer from asthma should check with their doctor.

If these benefits are not enough for you, we are not done. Humidifiers are also good for:

  • Plants.Your plants will be really grateful for bringing an air humidifier on board! Have you noticed that the soil is dryer than usual and the leaves are looking droopy and sick? That’s because Plans don’t like dry air. A humidifier can help keep your houseplants healthy. Don’t forget that a healthy plant can take care of your health too.
  • Long-Lasting Furnishings. Keep the textured paint job you paid for lasting a lot longer. If the air is dry, the wallpaper and paint can be affected to the point of peeling. A humidifier can help preserve the integrity of the wood which maintains your furniture for years to come.
  • Speaking about money, keep in mind that a high level of humidity will make your body feels warmer which will reduce your heating bill during the winter season. To understand this better let’s compare the same temperature between two different locations: 80 degrees Fahrenheit will feel much warmer in Florida (high humidity) than in Colorado (low humidity). It’s the same for your house. Investing in a Humidifier will help you save money. You don’t need to trust us, just try it this winter.Here is one of our favorite Humidifier.
  • Fewer electric shocks. During the winter, it’s harder to avoid the static electric shocks. Did you know that they are caused by dry air? Use a humidifier and leave the lightning outside.

After purchasing a Humidifier keep in mind some tips:

  • Distilled or demineralized water is better. Distilled and demineralized water contain fewer minerals and will save you from having to clean as often. When the minerals in regular water are evaporated they fall as white dust in your home. Although the effects of breathing the dust are unknown, it is believed to be potentially unhealthy.
  • Clean your Humidifier once a week.
  • If yourhumidifier has afilter, follow the manufacturer’s directions for changing it.
  • Too much humidity can be just as problematic as not enough. Try to keep a maximum of 50% for the humidity in your home.


What type of Humidifier should I choose?

You should also know that there are a few types of Humidifiers when speaking about Ultrasonic Humidifiers. Ultrasonic Diffusers use water, Essential Oils and ultrasonic waves to diffuse essential oils into the room.

If you consider buying a Humidifier take a lookhere. Diffusers can be used as humidifiers too but are mainly used to freshen up a room’s aroma and for aromatherapy purposes. They are working thanks to the same principles (Ultrasonic, Heat, Evaporative) but there are a few differences and we will talk more about this in another article.

As long as you go for an ultrasonic diffuser you get the benefits of both an essential oil diffuser and a humidifier.



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