Why are some wine glasses stemless?

We always see people drinking wine using stemmed glasses, but why are some wine glasses stemless? The most logical answer has something to do with storage. Stemless wine glasses fit better just about anywhere, and that’s important for some people. You can store them nicely inside cupboards along with other glasses, something you couldn’t do with stemmed ones.

The other reason is portability. Stemless wine glasses are sturdier which makes them easier to carry or move around with.

Stemmed versus stemless wine glasses

Remember that scene in Casablanca where Humphrey Bogart made a champagne toast to Ingrid Bergman in Paris? That’s such an iconic scene and if you look closely, they were holding typical stemmed wine glasses. Most movies use stemmed wine glasses because they are more aesthetically pleasing and synonymous with wine. Every time you see a bottle of Pinot Noir or Chardonnay, you will almost always see a stemmed wine glass next to it.

We also know that the stem in wine glasses helps in rotating the wine to open it up and make the aeration process quicker. So if stems are so useful and better looking, why are some wine glasses stemless?

Stemless wine glasses are easier to store

If you have a set of stemmed wine glasses, you would want to store them safely. Inside a cupboard, they would have to be positioned upright and with enough distance from each other so there’s no risk of breakage. And if you’re really obsessive about making sure they’re safe (as most wine enthusiasts are), you will have to go with a stemware rack or something more elaborate to keep them in place and away from harm.

However, with stemless wine glasses, you can just store them inside cupboards or place them on top of normal racks. Ideal for those who prefer being able to quickly grab a glass and store it away without having to go through a meticulous storage routine.

Stemless is perfect for when there’s a lot of moving around

The absence of stems in wine glasses makes them easier to bring along during outdoor gatherings, picnics, or even for taking them next door to a friend's house. It gives you liberty knowing that you’re holding something sturdy and less likely to get knocked over. For people who host parties and entertain guests in a more casual way, this is a huge deal.

Stemless wine glasses are also safe to pack along for long travels. People can just put them inside a box, secured and cushioned, without having to constantly think about possibly breaking them.

Stemless wine glasses warm the wine faster and make you drink moderately

When you hold a stemless wine glass, you hold it by the bowl. This means that the warmth from your hand facilitates the rise in the wine’s temperature. As a result, the alcohol in your wine evaporates faster, giving more prominence to flavor and aroma, enhancing your drinking experience.

But there’s an added benefit to that. You’re forced to pour small portions into your glass so you won’t go beyond its optimum temperature, especially with white or sparkling wine. Small portions could help you monitor your drinking and avoid consuming more wine than you’re capable of.

However, UDARELY is well known for the double-walled glasses. They are a good solution for whenever you want to keep the wine cold for longer.


Stemless wine glasses are dishwasher safe and provide the flexibility of use

Most stemless wine glasses look similar to ordinary glasses, which makes it okay for you to use them for more than just wine drinking. It can double as a glass for water, juice, and even cocktails. Some even use it for beer and smoothies.

Washing stemless wine glasses isn’t a hassle, either. They’re just like regular thick glasses so you can put them on the top rack of a dishwasher.


Check out this gorgeous collection of stemmed and stemless wine glasses.

Stemless wine glasses make for a valid case and a lot of it is due to personal preference. Some people drink wine in a fancy way, others like to drink it on informal occasions. In the grand scheme of things, no matter which type of wine glass you choose, it’s the drink inside the glass that matters.

Whatever you choose for your wine, make yourself sure you'll enjoy it! And don't forget - life's too short to drink from boring glasses! 


Article written by Advanced Mixology for UDARELY. Find them on instagram at @advancedmixolgy


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