What's the best Champagne Glass Shape?

How do you pick the best shape for your Champagne Glass?

udarely champagne glass shape flute tulip wide tulip coupe stemless


When it comes to Champagne we all expect the perfect combination between delicacy and roughness. But how important is the shape of the glass for the taste of this luxury liquid?

You may already know a bit about this, heard from someone or just have guessed that every type of sparkling wine needs its special shape to be itself. Also, as you already know, not all the sparkling wine is Champagne. For example, Prosecco is made from different grapes and winemaking methods than the classic Champagne which causes a totally another taste.

Here is a basic guide for you to choose the perfect shape for your Champagne. Not only your mouth will be grateful but your Champagne will finally be able to sparkle at its best!

Usually, a Champagne Glass has three parts:  the Rim, the Bowl and the Base of the Bowl. The Rim should have a diameter large enough for you to be able to smell the wine’s aromas. If the bowl is wide it can collect the wine’s aromas better and if your Bowl Base is pointy your Champagne Glass will have a single stream of bubbles.


udarely champagne glass flute shape

First, we have the most known shape for Champagne Glasses, the Flute. Flutes are specially made to preserves the bubbles as much as possible. The bone-dry sparkling wines (such as Brut, Extra-Brut and Brut Nature) are the happiest with a Flute Glass. If you are looking for a luxury and uncommon Flute Glass to impress your friends and family on special occasions and not only, take a look at these.



udarely champagne glass coupe shape

The Coupe Glass is the second most known shape for Champagne Glasses. This Vintage Design was the most popular one back in the 1950s. Unfortunately, this shape doesn’t like the bubbles too much so your sparkling wine will rapidly taste softer and fruiter. Sweet sparkling wines are the best for this shape but keep in mind that disperse quickly so you have to drink your Champagne pretty fast.



udarely champagne glass tulip shape

When speaking of Prosecco, the Tulip shape is the one for this sparkling wine. It’s also the one usually chosen for Rosé Wines because can collect floral aromatics thanks to its bowl shape. The fruity and aromatic sparkling wines taste at their best if you choose a Tulip Champagne Glass.


Wide Tulip

udarely champagne glass wide tulip shape

The aged sparkling wines will always need a Wide Tulip Shape. Why? This shape can collect the aged flavors of brioche and biscuit usually found in aged but fine sparkling wines. Remember this shape next time you will drink a vintage and luxury Champagne such as Franciacorta or Gran Reserva Cava. You can thank us later.



udarely champagne glass stemless shape

Stemless Champagne Glass shape has no stem as you can easily guess. There is just the bowl and because of this, your sparkling wine is going to warm up faster. However, thanks to its unique shape the Stemless Champagne is chosen by many Champagne lovers.


Of course, the material is as important as the shape. For example, Glasses made out of Crystal are considered to be the best when it comes to Champagne or Wine thanks to their delicacy. While drinking champagne, Sparkling Wine or Wine in a Crystal Glass the taste will be the purest because a Crystal material is thinner. This means a Crystal Glass can virtually eliminate the edge of the lip of the glass that gets in the way of the flow of the drink against your tongue. But we will talk about the materials in a future article.


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