The Most Loved Coffee Types

Which coffees should I go for?

After oil, coffee is the most traded product in the world. 500 billion cups of coffee are drunk every year and it has grown in popularity over the years, starting from the 9th Century. There are 30 main, popular types of coffee. It would take longer than a lifetime to try all of the variations. But out of all those, which types really deserve your attention? Let's not waste any more time and get right into it.

Plain Coffee

We all know this classic and excellent beverage. Plain coffee is the most consumed drink in the world. And it is also easy to make. Just boil water, add coffee in a cup and then pour the hot water over the coffee. As simple as that.

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Irish Coffee

All you need to make an Irish coffee from the warmth of your home is some Irish Whiskey, whipped pouring cream, 4-6 ounces of brewed coffee and 2 sugar cubes. Various places claim to have formed the current recipe in the 50s. The most known version is attributed to Joe Sheridan.

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This strong black coffee is made by forcing almost boiling water under pressure through ground coffee beans.

Espresso is a base for several coffees. Discover how to make this drink and you’re almost learning how to create your own macchiato, café latte, cappuccino, cortado.

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This well-known Italian coffee is traditionally made with espresso, foamed milk, and hot milk. But how do you prepare it?

First, make the espresso (the way you normally do). Then warm half a cup of milk until it almost boils. Condensing the foam together, whip the milk and swirl the milk in a glass. Clean and repeat until the foam seems nice and smooth. Pour the milk in the espresso after that last twist.

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Dry and Wet Cappuccino

If you desire a less foamy, milkier drink, you can order your cappuccino wet. And if you want your drink to have more foam, you can have it dry. If you want your espresso just with foam, without any milk go ahead and order your drink bone dry


Since the 17th Century, Europeans have been mixing coffee and milk. The name “caffe e latte” was originally used in 1867 by William Dean Howells in his article “Italian Journeys”. Caffè e latte means coffee and milk. Caffe latte is a coffee prepared with steamed milk and espresso. Other coffee types have less caffeine than lattes. 

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Frappuccino is coffee mixed with ice, milk, sugar, syrup, and topped with whip cream. It tastes amazing and it is also very easy to make. First, brew the coffee then let it cool until it reaches room temperature. After that add 1 cup low-fat milk, sugar, and syrup into a blender and mix for 20 seconds. Then add 2 cups of ice and that's it, you made your own tasty Frappuccino.

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The word 'Cortado' comes from the Spanish verb cortar which translates as to cut. Cortado is usually enjoyed as an evening drink. In order to reduce the acidity of the espresso, you add milk.

While having the density of the milk used in the latte, the milk used for cortado is a little colder than that of the macchiato. 

To make this drink, just pour espresso into a mug, then slowly add warm milk and your cortado is ready to be served. It is a drink made with even parts of espresso and milk.

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In Italian, macchiato means "spotted", so the literal interpretation of caffè macchiato is "spotted" or "marked coffee". To make this coffee, simply pour 1 to 2 shots of espresso, vanilla syrup, ice, and how much foamed milk you want into a cup then blend them together. This drink should have a soft texture to enjoy.

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Turkish Coffee

With a stronger aroma than the usual coffee, Turkish Coffee has a unique and unforgettable taste and smell. Unfortunately, this type of coffee is not easy to be found.

To make your perfect drink, you need cezve, a special copper pot. Use half a cup of water for every cup of coffee. Add a big teaspoon of coffee for every coffee. If you want to sweeten it, add sugar at the beginning. Slowly boil the mix, using medium temperature. The process takes just 4 minutes. It's customary to serve Turkish Coffee with the foam on it so you can use a spoon to move some of the dark foam that builds up.

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Choosing Your Drink

These beverages offer strangely different experiences but magically take the same basic ingredients

It doesn't matter what you choose, the aromatic richness and diversity in the taste of any coffee will help you get through the day by giving you the energy and motivation you need.

Everyone has their personal favorite, so don't hold back and tell us which one you prefer or recommend.

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