Is Champagne For Special Occasions Only?

Is champagne just for special occasions?

is champagne for special occasions only udarely blog


When it comes to Champagne almost all of us think about a fancy place, a special occasion and a dress code.  But why is this happening?

Well, it all started back in 1789 in Europe when Champagne was an expensive drink only possessed by those with royal status. After the French Revolution, Champagne was the "Holy Water" used to christen the ships. This is how it became to be used in religious rituals and to be opened especially at weddings.

In the eighteenth-century, people believed that Champagne will improve the beauty and the wit also, but only in the late nineteenth century Champagne became a phenomenon all over the world. The simple act of opening a bottle of Champagne can mark a celebration not necessarily drinking it. What made Champagne be the perfect drink for New Year's Eve was the fact that after the French Revolution people started to improve the technology to bottle carbonated wine. The Sparkling wine was ready to be opened in that period of time. These are the reasons that make us think that there is no genuine celebration without Champagne. 

These days Champagne is still used as a symbol for special occasions like weddings or New Year's Eve. We also often find this sparkling wine when it comes to celebrating a birthday, the college graduation, an anniversary or getting a raise at work.

The real question is... Can we drink Champagne on an ordinary day like this Wednesday? What about drinking Champagne tomorrow morning with absolutely no reason?

Well, you have all the right to do so because Champagne is not just for Special Occasions.

Yes, Champagne is actually the most special drink in the world but this doesn't mean you are not allowed to drink it anytime you feel like doing so. Why? Here are a few reasons:

1. With Champagne, everything is Deluxe

Try this: you have no plans for this Tuesday Night. Call your best friend to come over tonight. Go buy a Champagne (it doesn't have to be expensive at all and it can be Cava or Prosecco also). Have a glass of Champagne while enjoying your time with your best friend. You will see that you will feel more abundant while drinking Champagne than while drinking beer. You will even want to post a Story on Instagram to show everyone what your ordinary Tuesday night looks like. Go ahead and next time order a glass of Champagne in the most non-fancy place when you have to most not-in-the-mood feeling and see what happens to your mood and to the atmosphere. Champagne really is a good idea - always - no exceptions. If drinking Champagne doesn't make everything enough luxury for you, try drinking from the Aquamarine Luxury Champagne Glasses and see how it feels.

Aquamarine Luxury Champagne Glasses Udarely

2. Champagne can be cheaper than other fancy alcohol

You can always find a bottle of sparkling wine for less than 10 bucks. Give Italian Prosecco a chance and see how fancy can you be and not spending all your economy. It's not always how much you pay for it, but how can it makes you feel. And don't forget about the Spanish Cava that is also not that expensive but can turn your ordinary evening into an unforgettable time with your beloved ones. Indeed it does not always have to be Champagne - there are a lot of good alternatives for Champagne. There are also a lot of shapes for Champagne glasses that can fit your situation. Take a look at these Classic Flutes and choose your favorite shape.

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3. Better celebration

You should always celebrate the little steps. Start being grateful for what you do and what your beloved ones do. And how can you celebrate better than with a bottle of Champagne? You can go even further and celebrate your alone moments while watching a movie and drinking a glass of Champagne. Just give these experiences a try and see how beautiful life is when you celebrate the little things. Will your kids have a sleepover at their friend? Perfect! Time to celebrate with some sparkling wine. Find the joy and bubbles in everything. Do you think that drinking Champagne is enough? Well, it can be even better if you drink from the perfect Champagne glass. We suggest you take a look at these Copper Flutes and choose your favorite color.

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4. Why not?

Why would someone not drink Champagne? Of course, if there are no medical issues, there is nothing that stops you from buying Champagne instead of Beer or Wine for tonight. Be that one that makes everything fancier and brings a bottle of Sparkling Wine. Your friends and family will enjoy it, we promise, and even more - they will be surprised. Also, watching the Champagne bubbles will calm everyone down if there is the case, so there won't be any quarrels for tonight. Be the peace-bringer this time. Do you want to impress your friends even more? Bring some amazing colored flutes with you. Here is some aurora borealis colored drinkware: the Aurora Glasses. You just have to choose between the shapes.

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So, is Champagne for special occasions only? 

Totally Not. Go buy some sparkling wine for tonight and... Cheers!

 Is champagne for special occasions only? Udarely Blog Cheers

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