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How to find the perfect gift

No matter how close you are with them, whenever you have to buy a gift, you're still a little bit nervous. That's normal, don't worry. All of us have been through it and - probably - always will.

The point is you can choose to be less nervous by buying something everybody (but especially them) want.

But what is that something?

We'll find it out together by answering a few questions, but you need to be brutally honest.

* Just wanted to mention that, if it's Christmas, here's one idea you definitely can't go wrong with! Guaranteed!

UDARELY most-wanted cup during the holiday season, Fir Double-Walled Mug:

Now let's start the quiz:

Do you want to buy something they'll use often or only for special occasions?

  • A. often
  • B. special occasions

A. Anyone drink their water/coffee/tea on a daily basis. So the perfect gift, in this case, is a mug. Check this one:

Melior Double-Walled Mugs

B. Champagne, for example, is something they pop up on their birthday, for New Year's Eve, or when they get a promotion. A set of flute might be what you're looking for:

Aquamarine Luxury Flutes

Are you on a budget?

  • A. yes
  • B. not necessary

A. If you're on a budget, but still want to buy something beautiful and useful, we recommend you some coasters. They shouldn't be missing from anyone's home and also have the power to make a dinner table look 10 times more beautiful.

Metamorphic Coasters

B. We have a lot of options for you, but we promise you can't go wrong with a set of these spectacular wine or champagne glasses.

Jolly Glasses

Do you want it to look expensive?

  • A. yes
  • B. not necessary

A. If you want them to look expensive even if you're on a budget, there is an option for you also: 

Leo Double-Walled Glasses

They both look and feel expensive.

B. Guess no one will choose B for this one. If so, you're on the wrong website. 

Is it for someone you barely know or for someone you know well?

  • A. know well
  • B. barely know

A. Knowing them well should make everything easier for you. But it's not always the case, right? No worries, by buying these cups as a gift, you'll prove how well you know that they are a coffee/tea lover - or art lover, or how much they appreciate what's beautiful. They're good for almost anything and probably that's why these mugs are so loved by our customers.

Astria Mugs

B. If you don't know them well, this must be a difficult one for you. Well, we're here to help you. Don't think twice about this and thank us later. These cups are perfect for coffee, whiskey. And what's perfect for these two, is perfect for anything.

Duende Glasses

Is it for someone you try to touch or for someone you try to impress?

  • A. touch
  • B. impress

A. Whenever you want to touch someone's heart, please keep these glasses in mind:

Cupid's Glasses

B. Impressing is an easy job for those who buy their drinkware from UDARELY. Choose between these and just watch how surprised they'll be when they'll unpack your gift.

Royal Wine Set

Grace Glasses

Do you want it to be very personal (so every time they'll look at your gift, they'll remember you), or just something useful?

  • A. personal
  • B. useful

A. They'll surely think about you every time they'll drink from these:

Juliet Double-Walled Mugs

B. The good thing about UDARELY glassware is that they're both beautiful and practical. Take these cups as an example. They are both perfect for coffee and wine. And even their morning orange juice will look so beautiful in these ones.

Leet Glasses

Do you want them to let their social media followers know that they get that gift from you?

  • A. yes
  • B. not necessary

A. We have the most instagrammable cup for you. There's almost no customer that didn't share their skull glass on the story. 

Skull Glasses

B. To be honest, all of the glasses from our drinkware collections are instagrammable. So we really needed to think a lot about this one. But here's your best choice:

Vivacuum Wine Sealer

Assuming that there are only a few people who share these types of things on Instagram. Like... what could be so instagrammable about a wine sealer? Yet, this accessory is very practical. It's perfect for those who drink a lot of wine and also for those who don't drink enough of it. Check the description to see how it works and how good it is at keeping the wine fresh. We assume that you need one, too.


That being said, hope we were helpful. Let us know what you chose how much they loved their gift. 

Till next time!

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