Coolest Cocktail Glasses in 2019

2019's Coolest Cocktail Glasses

 Coolest Cocktail Glasses 2019 Udarely Blog

Even if it's Spring, we already can see what trends say about what is cool and what is... less cool. We've made a top for the Cocktail Glasses so you can complete your drinkware collection with these beauties.

When thinking about a Cocktail Glass we usually have in mind the Martini Glass type - the one with an inverted cone bowl. 

But why do the Cocktail glasses have this design?

Let's talk about the stem first. The cocktail glass looks like this since the late 19th century. The stem was designed this high to let us hold the glass without affecting the temperature of the cocktail. This is a very important thing because the capacity of a cocktail glass used to be 4 fl oz (120 ml) and people prefer to fill it with alcohol, not with ice. These days the capacity of a cocktail glass is usually between 3 to 10 fl oz (90-300 ml) but you can also find them even bigger. The bowl is wide because a cocktail often had aromatic elements and there needed to be enough surface so people could smell them.

Today you will find a cocktail glass designed in many ways but we will take a look only over those who kept at least a little from the original one.

1. The Cool Martini Glass 

Cool Martini Glasses Udarely

This cocktail glass still respects the design of the bowl but you can see that it's stemless. Today you will often find stemless martini glasses but what makes these Cool Martini Glasses so special is the smart solution that keeps the alcohol colder for a long time. The extra bowl where your Martini Cup rests is made to be filled with ice. So, what can be better than a unique and yet practical design?

2. Strawtini Glass

Strawtini Martini Glasses Udarely

Yes, you are reading it right: Strawtini. Not just a funny name, but also a very good option for those who simply don't like to take their sips directly from the glass. Because the design of the bowl is usually pretty low and wide there is no chance for you to use a straw so here is another amazing smart solution for you. And you don't have to worry about getting drunk too fast because drinking through a straw won't do this unless you drink your alcohol faster than usual - it's only a myth. Getting drunk faster is possible only if the absorption of the alcohol into your bloodstream is faster and using a straw doesn't change it. Using a straw will only make you look cooler, will save your teeth and ladies' lipstick.

3. Curved Martini Glass

Curved Martini Glasses Udarely

Well, for those who like to keep it classy but not too classy, the Curved Martini Glasses is the answer. Say Good-Bye to ordinary drinkware with these glasses and Hello, dear Elegance.

Oops Martini Copper Glasses Udarely

And if you want to be sure you will never break your Curved Martini Glasses, here is your alternative:  The Oops Martini Copper Glasses. Made out of stainless steel, they will even keep your alcohol cold for longer. So, what's your choice? Glass or Copper?

4. Cocktail Copper Glass

Cocktail Copper Glasses

Speaking of Copper, it looks like one of the favorite shapes for the Cocktail Glasses is the rounded one - and when it's made out of stainless steel it's even better. Are you more into the Copper or the Silver Color?

Martini Copper Glass

If you still prefer the Classic Martini Shape but all you think about is the Copper Glasses there is an option for you too: The Copper Martini Glasses. Yes, we thought about everyone.

 Coolest Cocktail Glasses 2019 Udarely Blog

So, these are 2019's  Coolest Trends when it comes to Cocktail Glasses and having at least one set is a must-have so here is your 10% off code in order to complete your drinkware with whatever your heart wants from the Udarely Collection:

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Cheers for finding the best cocktail glasses!


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