Best Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts for your loved ones

Even if you start your Christmas Gifts shopping early or you wait until the last day, one thing is sure: You want to give your loved ones the best gifts.

But what exactly can you buy for your mother, your dad, your sister, your grandparents, your girlfriend/boyfriend or your kids? But wait, did you just forget about your best friends and your co-workers? And if you are already married, things are even more complicated, right?

No worries, we've got this for you. Here is a list of people you need to buy presents for and some ideas (based on our customers' feedback) you can't go wrong with.

First, we'll start with one present that is simply perfect for anyone because it's so Christmassy no one can't resist but say OMG! This is amazing! (guaranteed):

Fir Double-Walled Cup

These Christmas cups are perfect for hot chocolate, coffee, mulled cider or mulled wine. But no matter what it's used it for, the double-walled glass design of this lightweight cup will keep the drink hot for 3 hours or cold for 9 hours. 

Now, let's start the Christmas Gift List:

1. Your wife

This one is easier than you think. Why? Well, we have one special glass that will make her smile. It's a diamond shape glass that is perfect for both coffee and wine - and we all know that these two liquids are the fuels for every woman's day.

Leet Diamond Glasses

1.1. Your girlfriend

If you are not married yet and you think these glasses wouldn't make your girlfriend happy enough, consider these spinning glasses - because she made your heart spin, right?

Minerva Spinning Glasses

 2. Your husband

The most complicated thing here is choosing. We have a lot of items that would be perfect for your hubby. As long as you know which beverage is his favorite, it should be simple. But today we'll give you an idea that will flatter him. By giving him this cup, it's like telling him what a good King to his kingdom is. 

Leo Double-Walled Glasses

These glasses are also double-walled which makes them perfect for both Christmassy hot beverage and cold beers.

However, if he's more of a classic man who loves his whiskey, he may prefer getting these as a Christmas present:

Cometta Glasses

2.1. Your boyfriend

If you're not married yet, we're sure your boyfriend would love those glasses also. But here's another idea based on our previous customers' reviews. There were a lot of girlfriends telling us that their lovers simply fell for this set.

Skull Crystal Glass Set

3. Your daughter

You'd say that this one depends on her age, but it's not the case this time. Why? Because giving her these glasses as a present, she will understand how much she is loved. And there's no girl that won't appreciate this.

Cupid's Glasses

And because we know that sometimes love makes you reckless, we also provide a cup holder for each Cupid's glass. That way, the only incident that can happen is not pouring enough mulled wine.

4. Your son

 This may be a difficult one for most parents but not for you. Let your son know how much you believe in him by giving him these glasses along with the following message We do believe that you are able to say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you - because what a boy needs to become a man is someone to believe in him.

Mont Glasses

5. Your Best Friend

If your best friend is a woman, she will definitely love these Juliet Double-Walled Mugs.

5.1. Your Girl Best Friend

Juliet Mugs

They are the perfect way to tell her how much you love her being part of your life. These Heart Shape Mugs will melt any woman's heart while keeping the coffee, tea or mulled wine warm for hours (because we know that when two women meet, it takes hours until they share all their secrets).

5.2. Your Male Best Friend

While letting the girls having fun with those Juliet mugs, let's see what a man could love as a present from his best friend. This one is really simple because there's one thing that all men love and that thing is beer.

We have a lot of Beer Glasses, but these ones are everyone's favorites.

Ale Glasses

They are a masterpiece that shouldn't be missing from a beer lover's drinkware collection. When not knowing what to choose between drinking from a glass or directly from the bottle... Have these double-walled beer glasses. Problem solved.

6. Your mom and dad

We're putting them together on this list especially because this gift will make them feel like a King and a Queen. And this is what they are after all, right?

Manually crafted to reach the royal standards of luxury, this wine set is made to last - like your love for them. Unique design, attention to detail, high-quality standards are just some of the key ingredients used to create this unique artwork that we call Royal Luxury Wine Set.

Royal Luxury Wine Set

If you want to buy different gifts for each of them, we'd still suggest you surprise your mom with at least a set of Royal Wine Glasses:

And we guess that your dad will simply fall in love with these manly double-walled glasses that are perfect for coffee, tea, whiskey and almost any beverage.

Skull Glasses

7. Your grandparents

It's well known that all of them are tea enthusiasts, which means you can't go wrong with this mug set.

Lee Mug Set

Not only is made of ceramics, one of the best heat-resistant material, but it also comes with one teapot and two lovely mugs for all of our tea lovers.

8. Your co-worker

This one depends on how close you are with your co-worker. But we assume that this idea is good no matter your relationship. Why? Because while these items will remind them of childhood, they are a must have for anyone's home.

Biscu Coasters

Feel free to check all of our coasters - maybe there's something else that fits their home better.

9. Your boss

No matter how much you like or dislike your boss, you need to show up with a present for Christmas. You can talk with your co-workers and buy something together or you can only be from you. No matter what you choose, you can't go wrong with a set of Luxury Flutes.

Aquamarine Luxury Champagne Glasses

They are perfect for both men and women and will be so appreciated by anyone. With these as a gift, your boss will surely remember your name for the next promotion.

That was our Short Christmas List that we hope will help you this year. Did we forget about anyone? If so, please write down on the comments and we'll come back with an idea for you.

Also, you're more than welcome to check our collections that are created based on the drink type:



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