10 Gifts for a Coffee Lover you can't go wrong with in 2022

The ultimate gift guide for coffee lovers 

Considering the fact that coffee is the second most drunk beverage, a gift that's coffee-related would be a good choice for almost anyone. From lovers to bosses, from mothers to the niece of your mother-in-law's great-grandmother, we're absolutely sure at least one of the following products will be a great choice for you.

So let's start our list of 10 best presents for coffee lovers:

1. Leo double-walled glasses

While many of us would consider a regular mug one of the most uninspired gifts, you just can't go wrong with these handmade Lion-inspired cups. They're absolutely gorgeous, both practical and unique. And to be honest, who wouldn't go crazy for a present that symbolizes power, royalty, and nature at the same time?!
Yep, can't think about anyone either. As a bonus, these glasses are a great fit for whiskey lovers as well, so let them decide what to use them for.

2. Skull Ice Molds

Summer is just around the corner, which only means FRAPPES & ICE COFFEE ALL DAY LONG.
Surprise your loved ones, your colleagues, and even your kids with these cool (got it? ❄️) and unique ice molds. Make yourself sure they'll mention you every time they will drink their favorite ice coffee, as everyone will ask them Where did you get these from?! ✅ tested, verified, confirmed.

3. Skull Spoons

While you may consider that we'd better name this list 'Best gifts for a skull lover', we want you to know that this is the last skull-related item. However, these are one of the most wanted coffee accessories, so we couldn't just not mention them.

You may also wondering Who would choose a spoon that has holes?! Well, there are a few reasons:
- it's a great reminder to not pour too much sugar into your coffee,
- if you use sugar packets, you only need the spoon for stirring,
- if you drink lattes/cappuccinos, this spoon is simply the best option to stir your coffee,
- you may use it for your cake (that goes with your coffee).

Conclusion: If the person you're buying this gift for likes unique things, these spoons are exactly what you were looking for!

4. Foamy Milk Jug

Speaking of lattes and cappuccino, any of these milk pitchers would make a great option for most (real) coffee lovers... Who wouldn't want a holographic milk jug?!

Indeed, there are a few people who are not crazy over holographic things - and don't worry if it happened that your friend is one of those weirdos, you just can go for the matte black option. They will love it.

Let's say you are an I'll just go for a mug type of friend (and we really hope we didn't hurt your feelings when we said that mugs are one of the most uninspired gifts). If this is the case, we have a few great options for you, too. Not so basic, but still a mug:

5. Dolio double-walled mugs

They are both simple and outstanding. You just can't get ignored by people while drinking your coffee or tea out of this mug. It may be because of the double-walled mug, the transparent spoon and plate, or the combination of them.

However, if you want to see your loved one amazed while unwrapping their gift, Dolio mugs are your best choice.

6. The Queen of Everything Mug

If you're looking for a gift for your wife, your girlfriend, or your daughter, let us give you a little advice: (almost) any woman sees herself as a queen. And if you want to be on good terms with them, the best way to do it is by confirming their royal blood. Well, this mug makes the best confirmation. You only need to choose the color (and don't worry, they only come in royal colors, so you can't go wrong with any of them).

7. Abyss Coasters

If you're on a budget, but still want to gift them something special, coasters (in general) are a great choice. For this guide, we chose the best-selling ones, as they come in different colors and would fit many home/kitchen designs. And also, the golden rim details make them look (and feel) really premium.

8. Kopi Thermos

If what you want is a simple, but eye-catching gift that is both practical and beautiful, this thermos is an excellent choice. Considering the fact that the person you're choosing this gift for is either always on the move or always late, a thermos may be exactly what they didn't know they needed. Basically, the Kopi thermos is a good option for any of the following types of people:
- a student
- a doctor
- a hard-working person
- your colleague
- a mom
- your mom
- a breathing person.

9. Ray Glasses

Since aesthetic things are not a fad anymore, but a necessity (🙄), Ray Glasses would perfectly fit their Insta profile feed and their TikTok videos. If you want to be mentioned/tagged in their pictures and videos from now on, this is the gift.

And now... the one gift idea that is only for the real-coffee drinkers (as they claim themselves):

10. Brewster Espresso Cups

They come in sets of four cups, and considering that people who drink espresso don't really have friends, you may give them a good reason to start socializing more. However, these are double-walled, which makes them good-looking and practical (as they keep the coffee hot for longer).

Hope this 2022 gift guide for coffee drinkers gave you at least one good idea.

Let us know if you have any other types of items that would make a great present for any coffee lover.

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