Summer Kind Of Negroni Cocktail Recipe

Summer is almost gone and if this is not a reason to celebrate your every day then we don't know what else could motivate you.

Wherever you're now, we know that the summer feelings is the same almost anywhere on our planet. Even if you are at work, the air is more lazy than usual and all your coworkers are dreaming about their free time and traveling plans. You can't wait to finish what you have to do so you can enjoy your wine and read a book. And don't forget about your weekend plans you're dreaming about since Monday. Let's face it: Summer is so good at teleporting people on a beach. Unfortunately, she usually forgets to take your body too.

If you're lucky enough to be on vacation, please don't forget to celebrate like there's no tomorrow!

No matter where you are or what you're doing, our friend, Georgi from Just Shake or Stir, created the Summer Kind of Negroni Cocktail which is about to give you that summer vibe we all love.

What makes this cocktail so special? If we ignore the love Georgi puts in every single cocktail he makes we still have its sweet and floral taste that makes this one perfect a summer tipple.

Here's what you need to create the perfect SUMMER KIND OF NEGRONI:

  • 35ml Bloom Jasmine & Rose 
  • 35ml Lanique Liqueur
  • 35ml Absentroux Herbal Wine
  • Dash Lavender Syrup 
  • A Strawtini Glass

Shake and strain into a chilled Strawtini glass from UDARELY.

You can see more details about Georgi's experience with this cocktail here.

Why the Strawtini Glass for this cocktail? Because this cocktail is so unique that only a unique glass can handle it. 

We've already tried this delicious cocktail and we can't wait to use this recipe again with our friends and family. 

P.S.: Did you find the coupon code on Georgi's profile?



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