RIISE PINTADA Cocktail Recipe

Autumn is here and it screams for cozy-looking cocktails.

You already know Morten, our good friend and one of the best mixologists in the world. This time he created a fall-colored cocktail using Rum. And we will let him tell you the 

Riise Pintada Cocktail Recipe

"It's time for another installment of a Rum crafted cocktail. The Legendary “Rum & Coke” - you know you've been there at least once! But today it's not your typical Rum & Coke - just a variation of this easy to fix sip.

This Rum is a delicious blend of rums stored for up to 21 years in sherry casks, that previously contained Pedro Ximenez sherry, Oloroso sherry and port wine, resulting in a rich and quite a complex palate and aftertaste. 

Directly in the Inside-Out glass filled with ice:

  • Squeeze and insert two lime wedges.
  • Add 5 cl Rum 
  • 2.5 cl Coca-Cola
  • Top with Soda Water

Give it a wee stir

Why the Inside-Out Glasses for this Cocktail? Thanks to its design, it allows your cocktails to show their true inside beauty. 

Tips to make this recipe even better: serve it with your beloved ones.


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