Negreenish Cocktail Recipe

There is no secret: we love to come out with special names for our drinkware collection. Take as an example the Strawtini Glass which is a martini glass with a straw or even the Hi All Glass which is a High Glass that fits almost all the tipples. But what does it have to do with the Negreenish Cocktail recipe you may ask...

Well, our good friend, Morten, from The Cocktail Blog created this amazing cocktail recipe while being tired of all the Negroni week and all its redness. And yes, you've guessed it: it's a Green Negroni. It looks like Morten is our kind of guy - not only when it comes to the cocktails, but to the names he chooses for his cocktails too. We will let him tell you more about how this amazing and really tasty cocktail was born:

Morten from the Cocktail Blog:
"I must admit after a full week of mostly Red Negronis, I had to see other colors as well.
And this led to several boozy trials and errors in my wee Science Lab, AKA Home bar. One of the creations done there came out extremely successful.
It's no secret that I don't like the cocktails too bitter and I often reach for my Aperol to balance the bitters. Well, today I took a wee step further, subbing the bitterness with liqueurs plus just a few bitter drops. The results? A wonderful rounded and highly sippable tipple."

Now that you know the story of the Green Negroni, you're allowed to create your NEGREENISH:

  • 3 cl Organic Gin
  • 3 cl White Vermouth 
  • 1.5 cl South American Herbal Liqueur 
  • 1.5 cl Maraschino Liqueur 
  • 1 Dash Lemon Bitters 
  • Plenty of ice
  • Hi All Glass

UDARELY Negreenish Cocktail Recipe

Why the Hi All Glass? Because it's the best glass for any drink. It looks elegant in any hand and makes any tipple look & taste better. Just blame its thinness for all of this.


P.S.: The amazing photos are taken by Morten and you can see more perspectives of the Negreenish simply by visiting his profile.

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