MARCHERRY Cocktail Recipe

Summer is over but our desire for cherries is not. When it comes to the Aquamarine Luxury Glasses, it looks like everybody is thinking about cherry flavored cocktails. 
You can take a look at the Chateau D'cerise Cocktail Recipe here.

Today we're going to use some Vodka, so prepare yourself for some strong feelings. 

Our good friend and cocktail master, Morten, is always surprising us with the most delicious cocktail recipes that make Udarely Glasses look even fancier. 

Here is what you need for a 

Marcherry Cocktail

  • 4.5 cl Vodka 
  • 3 cl Habanero Chili & Lime Grape Juice 
  • 1.5 cl Cherry Brandy 
  • 1 cl Cherry Syrup
  • 1 cl freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • Some chilled Aquamarine Luxury Glasses

The next step is to shake the ingredients with plenty of ice and then strain it into the Aquamarine Glasses. No Garnish needed for this one because it already looks amazing thanks to the design of the glasses.

Enjoy them with your beloved ones and...



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