Cherry Julep Cocktail Recipe

Why summer is our favorite season?

Simple. The copper collection makes the best choice if you want a good Instagram photography for your feed. Don't believe us just take a look here:

This guy is Michael and he was good enough to let us know that it only takes some copper glasses to have a successful pool party. And we were good enough and gave him a personalized discount code for his community. Did you fall in love with these glasses too? You only need to find his coupon code.

The second reason is that we can use fresh fruits to make the best cocktails. And what is better than a cherry on the top of a Whiskey cocktail? Exactly: 2 cherries!

Michel is not the only one who loves the Copper Cocktail Glasses. Giorgos from The G & Tonic fell in love with the Alky Ones and decided to use them to create one of the most delicious whiskey cocktail: the Cherry Julep.

What do you need for this one?
▪︎50ml Whiskey (12 years old)
▪︎10ml Cherry liqueur
▪︎20ml Simple syrup (1:1)
▪︎10ml Fresh lemon juice
▪︎4-5 Pitted cherries
▪︎4-5 Mint leaves
"In a cocktail shaker, muddle the cherries with the mint leaves, add the rest of the ingredients and shake well with ice. Pour over crushed ice in an Alky cup and garnish with mint leaves and fresh cherries", added Giorgos. Do you prefer the Alkies over Michael's favorite ones? Go check the G & Tonic Instagram.

Whether you prefer the classic Copper cocktail glass or the Alky Copper Glass, we only have one word for you:

Cheers! 🥂

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